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By | October 28, 2017

Truck sales- >new & used purchase and sales of trucks and commercial vehicles Specializes in the purchase and sale of used trucks and commercial vehicles -Lohmann

Welcomes you to our informational site and will gladly provide you with our services and work. Find out more about the possibilities for buying and selling used trucks and commercial vehicles.

Our strengths:

Worldwide truck purchase(purchase of commercial vehicles) Worldwide truck sales(sales of commercial vehicles) Recycling of vehicles across Europe leasing financing Express processing to meet all requests, we are constantly looking for used commercial vehicles and used trucks. We would be happy to check your vehicle offer. Just let us know your used truck. Please use the prepared form on the page “Vehicle purchase”.

Purchase and sale of used commercial vehicles

if you do not want to invest in a new truck at the same time, used truck is the perfect alternative to a very expensive purchase. Lohmann CT-line Nutzfahrzeuge UG specializes in the worldwide purchase of used trucks and commercial vehicles as well as the resale of the vehicles. We sell used trucks and commercial vehicles at fair prices. It goes without saying that all our vehicles are inspected by experts and are therefore in perfect order. You can visit us personally and visit the fleet or contact us by telephone and we can advise you. We are pleased to provide you with all technical details regarding the vehicles. Do you have concrete ideas about brands or features? Let our experts advise you. We are pleased to present you selected trucks and commercial trucks, which fit your specific needs. Do you already know about You can also find a list of other used trucks for sale grouped by model. Do you know someone who is looking for a used truck and exactly this model have found in our moBILE? Then send the offer directly by mail.

Send offer directly to other interested parties via email

Wide selection of used trucks and commercial vehicles

Are you still looking for tailor-made transport solutions that should not cost you a fortune? See our selection of used commercial vehicles for sale. Lohmann CT-Line Nutzfahrzeuge UG has selected a selection of very good commercial vehicles that have been tested by experts, just like our trucks. Vans, vans, vans, construction machinery and many other used commercial vehicles are waiting for a new owner. Benefit from our know-how, detailed advice and commercial vehicles with which you take no risk. Lohmann CT-Line Nutzfahrzeuge UG handles the entire handling for you. Whether in Germany, Europe or worldwide, you can buy your used commercial vehicle worldwide from us. We take care of delivery including all necessary formalities. You can contact Lohmann CT-Line Nutfahrzeuge UG at any time during the entire purchase process and let you know your wishes. Just leave our excellent service and but your used commercial vehicle quickly and easily.

Extensive advice and purchase without risk

We take over the complete handling truck sales- truck purchase.When you buy a new truck fleet, you are sure to sell the existing stock turn. Lohmann CT-Line Nutzfahrzeuge UG purchases your used truck. It does not matter which brand or model you would like to offer. We buy your used truck quickly and easily. Simply fill out the required form. Here you will find information about the vehicle data, technical details, dimensions and details and send us your details. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone. Our experts will help you with advice and action. You can also give us an appointment to inspect your used truck. We would like to make the sale as easy as possible and we will gladly arrange it to your requirements. you can compare our prices at any time with the commercial prices for used trucks. Lohmann CT-Line Nutzfahrzeuge UG attaches great importance to the transparent and fair handling of truck sales. We are always looking for used truck models that we can buy. Just write us or call us.

Fill in the form and sell trucks uncomplicated and at fair prices

  • Europe wide purchase of used trucks
  • Any time telephone advice
  • Purchase of used commercial vehicles

You can not only sell used trucks, we also take used commercial vehicles. As a result of our trade all over Europe, we are always looking for used commercial vehicles in this sector. The purchase of used commercial vehicles such as transporters, vans, vans as soon as possible. Regardless of which commercial vehicle you want to sell, the contact is always worthwhile. We do not charge for the analysis of your used commercial vehicle. According to our quotation, you decide whether to accept, negotiate or reject our price. It goes without saying that you do not have to perform any duties after the analysis.

Purchase of used commercial vehicles

  • ¬†Each brand and model
  • Accept, refuse or accept price
  • Financing of trucks and commercial vehicles

Lohmann CT-Line Nutzfahrzeuge UG helps you find cheap financing solutions and leasing offers. If you do not want to pay your used truck or used the commercial vehicle in on sum, we will find a financing together for you, which meets your economic possibilities. Your leasing company may be able to pay for your company. We also advise you professionally competently and transparently. With Lohmann CT-Line Nutzfahrzeuge UG you have a reliable partner for the sale of used trucks and commercial vehicles as well as the purchase of used trucks and commercial vehicles at your side. From the handling of the export process through the shipment to the transport to your company premises, we take over all the necessary steps.

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